boys uniform

Green Sweatshirt (with school logo*)

White or green polo shirt either with or without school logo

Dark Grey Trousers/shorts

Black/Grey Socks

Black Shoes (not trainers)


girls uniform

Green Sweatshirt sweatshirt /cardigan (with school logo*)

White or green polo shirt either with or without school logo

Green checked dress or Grey Skirt/Pinafore

White socks

Black Shoes (not trainers)


Please Note

All items of clothing, equipment, bags etc., should be well marked with your child’s name. This saves the staff time and you expense.

No necklaces or bracelets are allowed in school. One pair of small, plain stud earrings are allowed but will need to be removed, by the child, for P.E. If your child will struggle to do this independently please remove them before school as we are not legally allowed to help them with this.

Children are allowed to wear watches to school but they will be removed for P.E.

Long hair should be tied back at all times. Only small green or white bows/hairbands/clips are allowed in school.

* Sweatshirts, polo shirts, PE t-shirts and book bags with the school logo can be purchased from the school office at any time.

** Girls may wear smart grey uniform Trousers

P.E. kits  for both girls and boys is blue or black shorts with a t-shirt in your house colours red/yellow/green or blue. If you are not sure what house your child is in please ask their teacher.

Yellow- Nightingale

Red -Windsor


Green – Shakespeare

All P.E. kit should be in a named drawstring bag not a rucksack as these do not fit on our pegs.

Tracksuits and trainers are recommended in the winter as children in KS1 and 2 will still do outdoor PE on the field. In the summer plimsolls or trainers will be needed.

Click Here for Order Form – School Uniform Order Form

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