Christian Values

At Green Oak Church of England Primary and Nursery School we place our Christian ethos at the centre of everything we do. Our Collective Worship in school is based around the Roots and Fruits programme recommended by The Guildford Diocese and each year we explore six Christian values with the children.

We do this through Whole School Collective Worship, Class Worship and as an integral part of our school day by rewarding children who show our values through House Points and by recognising them as Stars of the Week at Celebration assembly on a Friday.

Our Whole School Worship is led by staff or clergy from the Parish Church of St. Mark’s and our Worship Committee members – children from all year groups – help to set out the pattern of worship for the year, choose hymns, prayers and our liturgy each term. Before worship the committee set up the altar and then lead the liturgy and prayer during the worship.

The Christian values we are focussing on this year are;
Thankfulness, trust, perseverance, justice, service and truthfulness.
The icons the children use to remember them are displayed at the top of this page. These are also displayed in class and on our Values tree in the assembly hall.
Last year we introduced the first six values of;
Generosity, compassion, courage, forgiveness, friendship and respect.
By the end of the year all twelve Christian Values will have been explored and discussed by the children. For this reason the teachers will choose children who are showing one of these twelve values for Celebration assembly each week.