About your Governors

At Green Oak C of E Primary School & Nursery we have an Interim Executive Board (IEB) appointed in December 2016.

If you wish to contact Ruth Burns or any member of the IEB, please email

The IEB members are:

Name Responsibility Subject Links
Mrs Ruth Burns
Chair IEB
Child Protection
Liaison with Local Authority in case of allegations against the Headteacher



Mrs Sue Boustead Finance Special Educational Needs (SENd)
Mrs Carol Lowries Health and Safety Religious Education


Interim Executive Board (IEB) Green Oak C of E Primary School and Nursery 2018 2019

The IEB at Green Oak is a small group of experienced governors appointed by the Local Authority and Regional Schools Commissioner to carry out the governance functions in the school.

As well as driving up standards of achievement and attainment, every governing body has three core functions which are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

The IEB is working closely with the Local Authority and Diocese to establish the strategic direction for Green Oak.

The IEB meets regularly to monitor and question all aspects of school life, some of which are listed below:

  • how effective is safeguarding in school
  • what has been achieved against action plans
  • pupil progress information – how well are all children at our school learning
  • how well children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities are being supported
  • how is learning being made better for all children
  • how the More Able children are being challenged
  • how is children’s behaviour for learning evidenced
  • what is attendance in school and how is it being encouraged to be higher
  • how is performance management of all staff being used to raise standards in school
  • how are school finances being used to make sure the school is safe and that there are the right resources in school
  • what is Pupil Premium funding being spent on and is it effective
  • what is Sports Premium funding being spent on and is it effective
  • how safe the school premises and site are
  • are all statutory requirements being met

IEB members visit the school between meetings to:

  • speak with teachers about the subject areas they lead
  • explore how the school’s money is being spent
  • support and challenge the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team
  • be assured that there is a continuous drive for improvement in all aspects of school life

If you wish to contact the IEB, please email Mrs Ruth Burns:



Green Oak C of E (A) Primary School and Nursery Interim Executive Board – IEB

Name Date of appointment Term of Office Date stepped down Date of end of term of office Appointed by whom
Mrs Ruth Jean Burns 14.12.16 1 year   13.12.20 Surrey Local Authority/RSC
Mrs Susan Boustead 14.12.16 1 year   13.12.20 Surrey Local Authority/RSC
Mrs Carol Jane Lowries 14.12.16 1 year   13.12.20 Surrey Local Authority/RSC
Name Committee membership and role Relationship to any other governors or school staff Governance roles in other educational institutions Nature of any relevant interest
Mrs Ruth Jean Burns IEB chair none Chair, Royal Kent C of E Primary School Chair of Trustees, The Garden Route Children’s Trust

PCC and Standing Committee member, Assistant Churchwarden at St.Andrew’s Church in Oxshott

Member of the Executive Committee of the Guildford Diocesan Board of Education

PA to the Archdeacon of Guildford

Mrs Susan Boustead IEB none none none
Mrs Carol Jane Lowries IEB none Guildford Nursery School & Children’s Centre none

The register of business interests is subject to regular review and updated in the event of any changes


Name IEB meeting attendance 2017/2018
Mrs Carol Lowries 75%
Mrs Susan Boustead 75%
Mrs Ruth Jean Burns 92%